The Vespucci technology

Especially for linear infrastructures, like railway, we created a new technology called Vespucci.

The Vespucci technology merges automatically all technical and multimedia data and documents,  connected objects about a linear infrastructure into a super technical Google street view/maps.

With this innovative software, all the workers of the infrastructure can explore it from the office and share immediately their documents with everybody :  everybody has a global view of the infrastructure

Moreover, study plans become interactive : you can explore virtually the journey from a simple clic on study plan!

Vespucci logs all information. So you can follow the evolution of the infrastructure, compare situation before/during/after works.

One more thing, Vespucci runs on Windows Pad too. Then, on the ground you can access to all documents of the infrastructure and to its history.  During inspection work, so you can add new information from the ground (photos, videos, technical documents, defects comments)

And you are doing all of this with a simple, instinctive and efficient interface very easy to use.

Vespucci brings the ground at the office and the office on the ground.